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Otakaro Orchard and Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise
Otakaro Orchard is a living learning hub for growing food and environmental awareness.  An Orchard building providing a local food information centre, with café, office, event spaces and HQ for the Food Resilience Network. Outside, a Food Forest, a free edible garden, living classrooms, outdoor amphitheatre and garden venue in the heart of the city.
President Bill Greenwood in August 2017 initiated a call to action for a club working bee to help with the initial planting at the new Otakaro Orchard located at Cambridge Terrace on the Avon River. This was well supported with interest in a future Dome and vertical farming.
In 2020 the Otakaro Orchard reorganised its board and rescaled its building project, hiring a part time Orchard gardener and organiser Roz. The club continued its involvement with working bees.
Dec 2020 The club with now ex President Bill Greenwood from Bishopdale Menz Shed created and installed a tool rack for the Orchard container store.
2022 The club with club member Barry Swaney from Rangiora Menz Shed created and installed an steel archway for supporting climbing plants and providing a walk through experience for visitors.
2023 Club member David Watson who’s had regular involvement with the Orchard decided to join the Otakaro Orchard board.
2024 Club member Malcolm King has donated desks and tables to the Orchard’s office and education room in the Orchard building.
Feb 2024 A club working bee helped the completion of an infiltration swale, with placing of stones and native plantings, marking a major step to opening the Orchard building.
Through club member connections additional help has been provided by Crane Trucks Ltd with transportation of planter boxes and the steel archway. The staff at Mackersy donated funds and assisted with a plant maintenance working bee.