The Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise has a long history of support
for Ronald McDonald House - South Island.
Starting in 2005 with a “House party” where our club supplied a section, built and furnished a house to sell in conjunction with an online auction that raised $386,000. We have sponsored solar panels to supplement energy requirements and provided a new freezer. Supporting them through volunteering at annual appeals such as fundraising at the polo, collections at Addington raceway and host a roast evenings. 
Our ongoing club commitment for a number of years has been supplying and cooking of a meal once month for up to 60 people who are residing there at the time. This is a very rewarding experience especially at the end when you have time to sit down with the families and listen to their journey of sadness, stress and joy. They are so grateful that this facility is there to support them. Our members are just a small part of an amazing organisation which we are proud to be associated with.
Volunteering at the Polo fundraiser
Volunteering at the Addington Raceway fundraiser
Volunteering at our monthly dinner for the house families
Donated Freezer
Solar panel project that Christchurch Sunrise and other Christchurch Rotary clubs contributed towards