Outline of the Sister Club relationship between Christchurch Sunrise and Frankston Sunrise Rotary Clubs.  Christchurch Sunrise, chartered July 1989, and Frankston Sunrise in Dec. 1990.
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First year member Harry Sweeney’s wife Jo had a sister who lived in Frankston, not far out of Melbourne at the commencement of the Mornington Peninsula. They visited Frankston on several occasions over the years and prior to Harry’s year as Sunrise President in 1992-93, he had visited Frankston Sunrise for a ‘make-up’.
Bleuy  - David Bellette (dec) was Frankston Sunrise’s Charter President in 1990-91 and passed away after some period of illness in Jan 2018.
Harry formed an association with several of the members as was his way, particularly Bluey and thus the relationship was subsequently formally established.
Exchange of Gavels:    
Club gavels were exchanged during a visit there by Ian Thomas in July 1992 with then Frankston Sunrise President Paul McCallum (dec). 
First group visit to Frankston Sunrise
The first interclub visit was in May 1993 when 7 members of Christchurch Sunrise travelled to Melbourne for the R.I. International Convention and attended Frankston’s International Breakfast
Greenstone gifted to Frankston 
Dolphin Presentation to Brent Goldsmith Christchurch Sunrise by Peter Richards Frankston Sunrise May 1999
Frankston Sunrise Visit to Christchurch Sunrise and Daffodil planting in North Hagley Park
Visit to Frankston Sunrise 2001 slide 63
Planting project at the local Hospital (did attend that and would need to look at photos for others)
John Albery attended a ChCh Sunrise meeting on 22.5.2015 and gave us a brief update on Frankston Sunrise John Albery attended a ChCh sunrise meeting on 22.5.2015 and gave us a brief update on Frankston Sunrise and invited us to the Frankston Sunrise 25th in November.
Frankston’s 25th Anniv 7.11.2015 visited from 6th- 8th.
Jandel Trophy Must have been a great night as no information re this...If you remember let us know Nov 7 2015
International Fellowship of Cricketing Rotarians Visited Frankston Sunrise Jan 2019