Christchurch Sunrise Rotary Pack Fun'd Raiser Opportunity- Partnering With Christchurch Sunrise Rotary
Last year a successful initial launch was undertaken and a significant club partnership with Oamaru Rotary raised some approx. $6,500 of income for their club, for use in their community.
Our release this year will be two packs, one containing Wine @$135 and another a bottle of Port @$120, plus any shipping etc.  A ‘presentation’ will soon be sent separately to your Assistant Governor, for further promotion to each Club they are responsible for.
Proceeds from this fundraiser, as derived by Ch.Ch. Sunrise Rotary, will assist in our ongoing support of Cancer Society – Canterbury / West Coast’s new accommodation in Christchurch, a facility increasingly utilised by all of the South Island, who require accommodation and support in Christchurch, whilst undergoing treatment, in living more than 100km from Christchurch.
Of the people accommodated, the average stay being some 21 days, including a support person as needed, over 30% are each from the West Coast or Nelson / Marlborough with the balance, under 40%, from rural Canterbury, South Canterbury and Northern / Central Otago. As there is no Government funding for this service, the demand is ever increasing. 
Orders are to be received ideally by 20th Nov and supply will be ‘first ordered first confirmed’, as supply maybe limited, so act soon. Your support will be appreciated.
Further flyer info and order form packs etc can be obtained by contact through or direct contact to:
Nigel Burson - Sales + Marketing Coordinator on +64 21 990397.